Infographics and Whiteboards and Entertainment

In December 2009 the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) commissioned a video entitled The Economic Consequences of Mr. Brown…..yawn…fidget ….yawn.

The video centered on a speech by Stein Ringen, Professor of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Oxford, who gave his assessment of the New Labour government and the state of the British constitution…….yawn….fidget…..yawn…..zzzzz

But wait….there was no yawn… fidget… yawn…or even….zzzzz.

The video used a whiteboard animation technique that took a dry and very boring subject and created a video that was entertaining, enlightening and fun!

Today whiteboard animations, stop motion animations, and info graphics are changing the way we communicate messages that can be challenging and difficult to comprehend. In essence, they bring ideas to life and there cost is a fraction of a typical cell or cartoon animation…

We’ve had the opportunity to produce animations using each of the whiteboard, stop motion and info graphic techniques, and while each has a different feel, they all provide effective communication.


Whiteboard Animations

Alberta Education – High School Completion

As demonstrated above, whiteboard animations utilise a hand drawn technique where-by an artist draws images and text that corresponds with the narrative that is being spoken. To keep pace narrative, and to give the impression that the drawing is done in “real time”, the video is sped up.


Infographic Animation

Alberta Treasury Board – Pension Sustainability

Info Graphics combine computer animation, narration, music and sound effects. The computer animation is typically 2 dimensional and utilises simple icon style graphics.


Stop Motion Animation

Alberta Library – We’re Connected

Typical stop motion animation utilises cartoon still images and test that have been drawn, cut out and are moved (single frame) over a white background. The animated images are timed to the narration with music and sound effects added.