A Priest, a Monk, and a Rabbi – Broadcast TV Series

  • Client: CTS Television
  • Description: Docu-reality series (13 Episodes)
  • Type: Broadcast

There’s no punchline to this joke, but we certainly had a few laughs getting to know these six wild religious leaders across Alberta. This 13 part, 1 hour, reality/documentary television series was developed and produced for CTS television as a flagship show for the launch of their two Alberta stations. Each episode sought to shine a light on the day to day lives of what it is like to be a leader of a faith, the ups and downs, joys and trials, spirituality mixed with reality. While also exploring in depth the belief systems, reasoning and meanings of the rituals, rules and regulations that these devout followers of their faiths hold to.

Since its original airing, the series has now been picked up by CBC Documentary Channel and plays as a staple throughout the week.

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