What is Video Centric?

I’ve heard the expression more than once…”we sure live in a video centric world”. It seems to be a new term, video centric, but what does it mean? And more importantly is it true.

We know the word centric means “in or at the centre”
Google the term video centric and you can find an IT company in England called Videocentric, and an interactive online video service called CentricTV, but other than that not a lot.

So what is video centric?
How about this….
According to Chris Anderson (Curator of TED) over 90% of the Internet will be video in the next 10 years.

Wow that’s a lot of video, and it must mean that video will be at the center of the Internet.

But with that comes another interesting statistic.
80% of people never get past the first 10 seconds and 44.1% (of the remainder) abandon video after 60 seconds. (Source: NY Times/Visible Measures)

Somewhat of a surprise. Though it may become a question of quantity verses quality.

So how does one fit into a video centric world and not be overlooked like a Super Soaker in a hurricane. How about the thought that breaking past that 60 second wall is about producing engaging video that informs and inspires.

Either that or put a cat in the tree, turn on a camera, and wait to see what happens…