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Service Overview

Over the years, The Idea Factory has produced a wide range of nationally broadcast television shows. Whether long running series or one-off specials and documentaries, our creativity knows no bounds!  

Getting a show picked up by a broadcaster is a lengthy and challenging process but it is one that we have decades of experience in and we are always up for the challenge! Though it can be a difficult road, it is an immensely satisfying one and one that we are thrilled to walk with our clients.

Work Process:
Meeting: Talk is free! Come to our office, send us an email, or give us a call and tell us what you’re looking for. Some questions we might ask include:
  • Your Message: What do you want to say?
  • Your Audience: Who are you saying it to?
  • Your Objective: What do you hope to achieve?

Creative: The creative process begins with the first meeting and continues throughout the whole project. We will discuss initial ideas, from both sides and various creative approaches and treatments, all while ensuring the video will connect with your audience and match your branding guidelines.


Budget: Once we have these foundations, we will be able to provide you with a budget for the project. We are more than happy to work within any budgetary restraints and still provide our clients with a high end product that does not compromise on quality. 

Pre-Production: With an approved budget, we can get to work preparing to bring your idea to life. Pre-production can be a short or length process, depending on your needs but it is crucial in ensuring the best possible final product is delivered.

Scripting, hiring actors, scouting locations, determining interview questions, storyboarding, and the look and feel of graphics are just some examples of details we will work on during this time.

Production: The moment you have been waiting for! Our crew will come with all the camera, lighting, sound, and other necessary gear for the shoot. The production may take place over one day, one location, multiple days, or multiple locations, depending on your unique needs.

Post-Production: Once all the footage has been captured, it is brought into one of our editing suites and an editor will begin to assemble the footage in collaboration with the producer/director. In addition to the footage, the editor will also add graphics, music, and any other relevant effects.

All of these elements together make for a 1st Edit which is then sent to the client. The client will make notes and give feedback on this edit. We will collect all the feedback and get to work on creating a Final Edit that can be delivered to the client.

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